I first began shooting photography when I was around 17 years of age. Digital photography was starting to take over film in a big way, so I sort of jumped on board without realising it was about to become a huge part of my life. It was around the same time I began to understand that there was a purpose to capturing things around me - from environments and things of both natural and artificial beauty, to emotions and moments in time. I love being outside, experiencing new places and just feeling that sense of awe as I try to comprehend exactly how planet earth can be so magnificent. Fresh air, seriously cool places and the use of a camera to tell stories that I hope can transmit those who enjoy my work into the shot.


I purchased my first camera, a Fujifilm FinePix S602 Zoom, pressed in an empty CF memory card and pushed in 4xAA batteries until they went "click". Then I photographed girly things like yellow flowers and butterflies.

My mates had no clue. This was back in 2002.

I've never studied photography or taken any classes. I self-taught myself out in the fields, out in the parks, out on the streets. I learned how to control the depth of field before I had even learned it was called Aperture, so in many respects I learned everything the wrong way around. But I tend to do that with most things.

Fast forward to today and I'm now a fully-fledged Canon boy who's predominantly photographing cars for a living and often hurling 10kg+ of camera gear on my back across foreign lands.


I delve into any project that grasps enough of my interest and a lot of my free time is spent photographing landscapes and everyday scenes - with aforementioned 10kg+ of camera gear.

I travel extensively to capture things I'm not even sure exist until I get there. Incredible scenery, awesome nature, the most beautiful sights in the heat or in the ice.


In fact, I press buttons & fiddle with camera settings in any humane environment.

If it's inhumane, I'll still give it a go. Even the extreme ones.


Like most photographers, I've shot many different types of photography over the years, including fashion, travel, weddings, portraits, landscape, street and automotive.


In the early days I mainly covered fashion shows and events (along with occasional weddings and other bits and pieces), which is something I'm incredibly thankful for as I was not only fortunate enough to be involved with so many epic shoots, it also developed my skills immensely as my grasp on the technical aspects and appreciation of light-use continuously improved.

Throughout these years I spent a great deal of time travelling to different cities, countries and cultures. This helped my appetite for travel and landscape photography grow and has allowed me to build a substantial portfolio of work from all continents, which I still continue to develop today. I'm thankful that a wide range of companies often dip into my collection of work to use on many different publications - from covers on guidebooks and large wall art prints, to editorial website features and a million random uses in between.

I've also been a part of some incredible collaborations with the likes of Canon, Waitrose, Napapijri, Cardiff Airport, Lufthansa Airlines and Rekordelig to name a few.

In recent years attention has turned to automotive photography as since 2018 I've been the in-house photographer at Hemmels Mercedes. Here I have the pleasure of photographing luxury classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles both onsite and at some epic locations. Though my passion for landscape, travel and street photography very much remains.

Life away from photography

I live in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales in the United Kingdom. I was born and raised here and the majority of my family and friends are based here. We have some incredible coastal and mountain spots all over Wales, so I enjoy spending free time checking out a lot of the local places that many people take for granted. Even during down time if I'm heading to a beautiful location I'll still have camera-in-tow.

I absolutely love to travel and aim to visit at least a few countries I've never been to before most years. I enjoy keeping fit, eating good food, listening to music (very eclectic taste), socialising with friends and family, and getting involved with a lot of freelance digital marketing that I do for several clients in my free time - yes, I genuinely enjoy it! I just love my work and it's the reason I chose this path - to enjoy what I do every day. I'm one of those annoying people who claims that it just doesn't feel like work.

I also have a big love for animals, and though I'm trying to keep this  paragraph away from photography, animal and general wildlife photography is something I'd like to get more involved with. I just don't really have the time for pets of my own, unfortunately. So, instead I tend to steal family pets from time-to-time.


Like Taz, who's my old man's best friend and loves to pose.

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