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With snow-capped mountains blending in with lush green meadows, dainty Swiss villages and bundles of fresh air it was impossible to find enough time in the few days spent here to even scratch the surface on the number of picturesque locations being passed by while traveling along the meandering roads & dirt tracks. Switzerland's landscapes really do rank up there with the best.

The epic landscapes of Switzerland played backdrop throughout this project, with a Hemmels Mercedes-Benz 280SL posing as the star of the show. The shoot took place among the natural wonders that surround the outskirts of Geneva.

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Geneva, Switzerland

An electric blue Mercedes-Benz 280SL in Geneva, Switzerland, captured by photographer Shawn Eastman

This stunning iconic Mercedes-Benz 300SL was captured in various locations across Cardiff, South Wales. The shoot took in popular places and landmarks such as Cardiff Bay and the Pierhead building in Mermaid Quay, Penarth Marina, & various spots across Ogmore Vale.

Changeable weather between morning and afternoon allowed me to capture this incredible vehicle in both sunshine and rain. Elegant with a timeless beauty in the rays of the sun, menacing and mighty impressive when posed under rainfall.

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Cardiff, Wales

Silver Mercedes-Benz at Penarth Marina with Cardiff Bay in background during sunset