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Holiday Inn Cardiff Wedding Photography | Karen & Andrew

Bride and groom hold each other after wedding in Bute Park, Cardiff, at sunset

When Karen and Andrew contacted me during their search for a wedding photographer they said something that I'd never heard before - something that I found quite exciting. Certainly something that was new to me. They said: "Our wedding has a bit of a Disney theme to it".

Now, I have actually attended weddings with a theme many times before. They usually focus on certain colours - I once went to a wedding that was Shrek themed with everything green - or it may be a wedding that's far more laid back with a casual dress code compared to others.


Sometimes they may have a bit of an indie vibe or may be summer-themed if they are on the beach.

The groom in shorts and a loose shirt while the guests rock up like their auditioning for Miami Vice.

However, I've never photographed a Disney themed wedding before. So, naturally, this excited me.

The wedding and reception both took place at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Cardiff City Centre - a venue that was also new to me.

For this reason, I popped along to the hotel on the eve of the wedding to meet up with the bride (who was laying out Disney-themed objects in preparation for the post-ceremony reception dinner) and hotel staff. This gave me a better idea of the lighting situation within each room and to ask a few questions about what was and wasn't allowed throughout the day - many venues have strict rules that a wedding photographer must abide by.

Fortunately, the vast majority of the venue was very well lit and there were very little rules in place - don't stand in between the marriage officiant and the couple during the ceremony was pretty much the only request, and one that I'd rightly expect!

The preparation of a Prince

My first job was to make my way over the couple's home just outside Cardiff, where Andrew was preparing for his big day alongside one of his best men. Both were jovial and very relaxed, so I got to work with capturing some of the groom's finer details, such as shoes, bow tie, aftershave, cuff links etc.

Following this, I had Andrew slowly dress himself in his tremendously smart suit while I captured the whole thing naturally unfold. These make for some lovely candid shots and as the groom is legitimately getting ready, as opposed to posing for a collection of "getting ready shots", I feel they can be viewed far more fondly in years to come. I like to capture as much of the day in it's natural environment as possible.

A few shots of the groom and his groomsmen and I was ready to head over to the Holiday Inn Hotel where the bride was preparing herself with some pampering help.

A wedding fit for a Disney Princess

When I arrived everything seemed incredibly calm in the bridal suite - despite there being plenty of people present, including bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the bride, hairstylist and make-up artist.

Another unique touch was the decision to not have standard flowers but to instead have the bridal party each carrying a single red rose made from glass. Very Disney indeed!

Although the wedding wasn't 100% Disney themed throughout (I mean, guests weren't turning up dressed as their favourite Disney character unfortunately!), the wedding dress and smaller Disney-themed details were wonderful. Karen had sparkly Disney themed shoes which I thought were fantastic and so unique. The dress was never going to be missed with it's long trail that was fit for any Princess. Then there were the Disney themed invitations and the general Disney table decor across the reception room.

I captured the rest of the morning as it passed by without a glitch. I'm sure there must've been a few nervous butterflies, as there always is for any bride and her bridal party, but they certainly weren't obvious on this occasion.

The Disney-themed wedding day

The rest of the day was beautiful, as the sun made an appearance at the right times, the bride and groom were finally wed, and the guests all had a fantastic time. We headed to the nearby Bute Park across the road from the hotel, and here we were able to work our way through the group photographs before I was able to spend a good 45 minutes or so with the newly wed couple as we made our way around certain areas of the park.

As we were in a busy public place on a hot sunny day in the middle of Cardiff City Centre, we weren't without our watchers!


Many people complimented Karen on her fabulous dress, and Andrew looked just as dapper beside her.

After the couple shots came the reception, with each table aptly decorated with Disney memorabilia and random items.

Following this everyone headed next door to a private bar that Karen and Andrew had hired for the evening, were a barbecue, drinks and sweets awaited the arrival of all evening guests.

Oh, and the dance floor and Disney-themed first dance, of course!


It was all super fun and a real honour to be involved with a wedding a little different to the norm!

Karen & Andrew Wedding Photographs


Grooms brown shoes, bow tie, aftershave and cuff links for wedding
Groom buttoning up his sleeve on wedding morning
Groom tying up his shoelace before wedding
Groom buttoning up his suit jacket before wedding
Groom smiling on morning of his wedding
Groom smiling and folding his arms on wedding day
Aladdin Disney themed wedding shoe
Princess Jasmine Disney themed wedding shoe
Red rose made of glass alongside jewellery for Disney themed wedding
Make up artist applying lipstick to bride wearing black on wedding morning
Bride having make up applied with reflection in mirror
Wedding make up, pencils and brushes
Bride looking at herself in hand mirror during make up on wedding morning
Bride smiling while having her hair straightened on the morning of her wedding day
Bride wearing a crown while having her hair styled for Disney themed wedding
Bride smiling on her wedding morning while her daughter has her hair styled
Stunning wedding dress hanging up in hallway
Mother of bride buttoning up the back of the bridal dress
Mother buttoning up the rear of her daughter's bridal dress on wedding morning
Bride smiles next to her mother after putting her wedding dress on
Mother and bride embrace with tight hug on wedding morning
Seven glass red roses lined up on window sill on morning of Disney themed wedding
The wedding ceremony room set up at the Holiday Inn, Cardiff Central
The front table in the wedding ceremony room at the Holiday Inn located in Cardiff Central, South Wales
Best man adjusting groom's pocket square before wedding ceremony
Groomsmen stood near the altar on wedding day
Flower girls and bridesmaids making their way down the aisle on wedding day
Father walking bride down the aisle as she smiles at her groom
Bride and groom holding hands facing each other during wedding ceremony at Holiday Inn Hotel in Cardiff Central
Bride and groom stood during their wedding ceremony at the Holiday Inn located in Cardiff central
Best man approaches bride and groom with wedding rings in a Disney themed book
Groom placing wedding ring on his brides finger as she smiles
Bride smiling at groom while he places wedding ring on her finger during ceremony
Bride smiles as she places wedding ring on her groom
Bride and groom share their first kiss during wedding ceremony at Holiday Inn Hotel in Cardiff Central
Groom kissing his brides cheek during signing of register after their wedding ceremony
Bride and groom hold hands while preparing to walk down the aisle as they leave the wedding ceremony room at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Cardiff Central
Bride and grooms face each other holding hands in Bute Park in Cardiff, South Wales
A bride and groom embrace each other in Bute Park central Cardiff
Bride and groom kiss under a Willow tree in Bute Park, Cardiff
Bride and groom hold hands while walking through Bute Park in Cardiff on a sunny day
Groom kisses brides forehead in Bute Park, Cardiff
Bride and groom share a laugh together in Bute Park, Cardiff
A bride leans back against a tree and seductively pulls her groom in close in Bute Park, Cardiff
A bride and groom passionately kiss while leaning against a tree in Bute Park, Cardiff
Bride leads her husband by the hand across Bute Park in Cardiff, South Wales
and groom walking down Castle Street in Cardiff after their wedding photoshoot
Brie and groom written on slate name pieces for head table in wedding reception room
Aladdin table decorations for Disney themed wedding reception
Aladdin table decorations for wedding reception with Disney theme
Sleeping Beauty table decorations for Disney themed wedding reception
Disney themed wedding cake in the reception room at the Holiday Inn, Cardiff Central
Bride and grooms names on Disney themed wedding cake
Groom taking his brides hand during wedding speech at Holiday Inn Hotel in Cardiff
Groom holds his brides hand during his wedding speech
Bride's mother and father smiling and laughing during wedding speeches
Father of the bride gives wedding speech while bride laughs into her hands
Guests laughing at top table during father of the bride speech during wedding reception
Best man giving his wedding speech during reception at Holiday Inn Hotel in Cardiff
Bride and groom laughing during best man speech
Guests raise glasses to toast during wedding speeches
Children, bride and groom laughing during wedding speeches
Bride and her daughter share a hug at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Cardiff
Bride and groom share their first dance
Bride and groom laughing and having fun during their first dance
Bride and groom share a romantic moment gazing at each others eyes during their first dance
A bride and groom embrace their children after their first dance during wedding party
A groom holds his daughter in the air as they dance during wedding party
A bride and groom dance with guests during their wedding party
A bride has a group hug with close friends during her evening wedding party
A wedding guest waving at the camera during the evening party


Photography: Shawn Eastman Photography, Cardiff Wedding Photographer

Venue: The Holiday Inn, Cardiff City Centre


Shawn Eastman is a Cardiff & South Wales based wedding photographer. He takes pride in documenting two lovers at the start of their biggest adventure together. Along with his couples and families, Shawn is driven to capture something authentic, beautiful, powerful and raw. These wedding day photos captured at The Holiday Inn Hotel in Cardiff City Centre, South Wales, encapsulate exactly that.

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