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Photographing Prague, wonderful Prague

Equipped with the trusty & somewhat ancient Canon EOS 20D, battered & bruised 17-85mm lens & a shoulder bag to sling them in has proven to be more than adequate for the budding photographers trip to the historical & well-cultured Prague.

With a background rich in a variety of architectural styles, Prague offers the perfect playground for you to get snap happy as every glance will provide an opportunity for you to frame up & press the shutter. With building styles ranging from the early 13th century Gothic to 17th century Baroque. From Romanesque structures to Renaissance. Neo-Renaissance & Art Nouveau through to Modernist. Prague really does have it all.

View from the Charles Bridge at sunset captured by photographer Shawn Eastman

This view from the Charles Bridge at sunset was shot at 85mm, f/5.6, ISO 100 & 1/100 sec.

If you can pack a tripod into your luggage, do so. This place, like all cities, provides plenty of night photography opportunities. Venture from Old Town to New Town. Climb the steps of Hradčanyup for a sprawling view of the city below. Have fun trying to level your tripod on the cobbled steps of the Castle district. You can achieve some seriously unique photography perspectives from simply allowing yourself to get lost. Prague has a low crime rate & most areas are very safe even after dark, so away from the standard due diligence & understanding of which areas you really should avoid, key yourself up with the knowledge of the areas you don't have to avoid and allow yourself to get just a little lost in them. You'll be rewarded with memory cards full of your exclusive night shots.

A place of note but of perhaps much less exclusivity due to its huge collection of tourists (be wary of pickpockets) is Wenceslas Square. Amongst the abundance of history decorating its memories you'll find the mounted saint statue, sculpted & completed by Josef Václav Myslbek in 1924. If you take a trip to the top of Svatováclavské náměstí & position yourself behind the mounted saint on the steps of the National Museum, you'll be able to appreciate the incredible view of the sloping boulevard. Witness to some seriously powerful goings-on, all these years later you can still sense the effects of yesteryear hanging in the air. It can be a potent reminder for us to appreciate how far this city has come.

View from Wenceslas Square from the National Museum at night time captured by photographer Shawn Eastman

With the camera steadily perched on a trusty wall, this was shot at 30mm, f/16, ISO 100 & 30 sec.

Head over to the Charles Bridge & again you're hit with history. This time, over 700 years of it. A stroll along this area really is a sight to behold. The Czech Republic won't always withstand positive weather desires you may have, but honestly, you can visit this charming city at any time of the year & find yourself dazzled. Making use of a stag do to intoxicate yourself in the vibrant bars at night is one thing, but do yourselves a favour. Don't waste the days. Drag yourself out of bed & walk off the hangovers by strolling around the Old Town. Picture yourself as a merchant from the 1100's. Imagine the fitting of Prague Orloj, the medieval astronomical clock first placed in 1410. But maybe try to forget the beheading of martyrs in front of the Old Town Hall in 1621.

Once you've made your way across the Charles Bridge & settled down from the excitement & awe, be sure to head left and walk back across the Mánesův most bridge. You'll find a splendid view across the Vltava river with the Charles Bridge proudly stretching across it.

View from Mánesův most bridge photographed by Shawn Eastman

View from Mánesův most bridge across to the Charles Bridge. Shot at 20mm, f/10, ISO 100 & 1/200 sec.

Armed with a large breakfast, map of the city & your camera equipment of choice, you can be sure to have a field day exploring this incredible place. I would recommend at least 4 days to do the city justice. As a city break destination, it's all too common to visit for 3 or 4 days, but if you can squeeze 5 or 6 out of it then grab them with both hands. You won't find too many cities that match it's charm. There are so many things to photograph, you're going to have opportunities to hone both your street photography & landscape photography skills.

The river Vltava in Czech Republic photographed by Shawn Eastman

The river Vltava shimmers. Shot at 30mm, f/14, ISO 400 & 1/320 sec.

Go get snap happy whilst you explore the archives of the Czech Republic' capital city.

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