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The Bali Street Photography Project

March 17, 2017


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South East Asia. The backpackers paradise. A cheap ticket to those exotic cultures.

Indonesia. Bali, to be more precise. It's a seasoned touristic hotspot now & the reasons for why are all over your friends latest holiday posts in the news feed of your social media. Once you've battled your way out of Denpasar airport & navigated yourself to your own little spot of Asian paradise, it all becomes clear.

I feel i should mention that i've been told time & time again by those from other parts of the nation that there is far more to Indonesia than just Bali. Other regions that have remained largely untouched by tourists, such as Flores, Sulawesi & Borneo of course, amongst many others.


But for the duration of this blog, i'm just another tourist in Bali. However, i'm not focusing on those luscious green rice crops of Tegalalang in Ubud, or the multitude of temples across the island. Instead, i'm focusing on the beautiful & hard working people that make the welcoming place the way it is.