Shawn Eastman is a British photographer born in Cardiff, Wales, on February 18th, 1985. He has been involved with photography in some capacity since the age of 17. Having never studied photography in an educational sense, he instead self-crafted his photography skills out in the field. Within a few years, Eastman had become heavily involved with fashion photography, shooting or assisting on a variety of high-end fashion shows & editorial shoots in locations such as London, Miami & Paris for the likes of Vogue & Guess.

By the time Eastman had entered his twenties he'd already discovered & developed a love for travel & exploration, which naturally expanded his interest in photographing more travel & landscape based photography. Excursions across 5 continents means Eastman has covered around 40 countries to date, taking in many places across Europe, as well as Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, China, Colombia, South Africa & Vietnam, among many others, has allowed Eastman's portfolio & skill of travel & landscape photography to both grow & improve year-on-year. 

"The intrinsic fulfilment I find most gratifying from photography is the ability, or should I say, challenge, to tell a story from a unique perspective, but which still resonates with the viewer - whether joy from an expression or a location's environment."

Eastman's travel & landscape photography, largely captured from around 2007 to the current day, has been extensively utilised worldwide by a range of global brands & international companies for many different campaigns & projects. His work has been published by household names & brands across the world, including the likes of Canon, Lufthansa Airlines, Rekordelig, Trip Advisor, Waitrose, Napapijri, Cardiff Airport & more.

Since 2018, Eastman's career has turned to automotive photography, where alongside his travel photography expeditions, he also photographs classic Mercedes-Benz automobiles, namely the 300SL, 280SL & 190SL models, as the official photographer for Hemmels Mercedes-Benz. His automotive photography has been featured in several national publications, including Octane magazine, Harrods Halycon, The Luxury Channel, & the official Mercedes-Benz Owners Club magazine.

Professional photographer Shawn Eastman photographing Mercedes-Benz 280SL and red private jet at Cardiff Airport