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Capturing love in the 'diff

From early morning preparations to first dance and all the joyous commotion in-between - Shawn's photojournalistic approach to wedding photography instinctively captures the timeless, natural and emotional moments that make up your perfect wedding day. Involvement in something so special is an honour for any wedding photographer.

Using observational skills developed from all categories of photography, he understands that each couple is unique and through his visual story-telling your combined personalities will be celebrated through imagery. Shawn's photography can be intimate or bold; radiate warmth or a cool edginess; each moment will be captured with truth and precision.

Although each wedding is filled with happiness, love and emotion, each wedding is also one of a kind, so a wedding day photographed by Shawn reflects its uniqueness. While you, your loving family and your dear friends enjoy the celebrations taking place throughout your big day, Shawn seamlessly blends into the background (for the most part!), using his unobtrusive and photojournalistic approach to capture the unfolding events, allowing your wedding day to naturally flow with as little photographer interruption as possible - though of course, if Shawn senses a fantastic opportunity at a convenient time with a little interruption and set-up, he'll be sure to act on that. But, for the most part, each frame will accurately capture the true emotions of you and your loved ones, the priceless moments, and the unique vibe of your special day.

The wedding day, the loving couple, the venue, the people closest to you


As a Cardiff and South Wales based wedding photographer, Shawn's clients put their faith in him to capture the subtle moments of emotion to look back on and appreciate in years to come.


The many moments of happiness, embraces with parents and grandparents, dancing flower girls, tearful guests, giggling bridesmaids and merry groomsmen, the reactions, the frantic times that can often fill with nervous energy.


Ultimately, your unique day is built through many steps with differing emotions, and Shawn will be there to capture it all.

A smiling mother behind her smiling bride daughter on the morning of her wedding day in Cardiff, South Wales
A happy bride hugging her husband on their wedding day in Cardiff, South Wales
A happy groom and bride smiling at each other while sat outside in a field on their wedding day in Cardiff, South Wales
A newly-wed bride and groom walking on grass outside Canada Lodge & Lake on their wedding day in Cardiff, South Wales

A little about Shawn and his style of wedding photography...


Shawn has been involved with photography since 2002, and over the years he has professionally photographed an array of different categories and styles, ranging from fashion, events and landscapes, to automotive, portraiture and, of course, weddings. His photographic style during a wedding could be best described as documentary wedding photography, whereby many of the photographs are captured off-the-cuff and unplanned - think fly-on-the-wall - as opposed to old-school staged and posey images.

Of course, many couples do request a collection of more staged group photographs with bridesmaids, groomsmen and close relatives, as well as staged or fashion-inspired shots at some point during the day, and Shawn is always more than happy to accommodate these requests and work creatively with you - something that will be discussed in great detail during your initial meet-up before the wedding.


However, away from any requests, Shawn will spend most of his time capturing your day by recognising the value in timeless and natural moments with raw emotion to tell an authentic visual wedding story.

Nervous in front of camera? Consider an Engagement shoot

Many people feel jittery and nervous about the thought of being in front of the lens all day, but appreciate how much value they and their family/friends will place on photographs of their wedding day after the event. As mentioned previously, Shawn's wedding photography style means he will spend as much time as possible out of the way to create as little fuss as possible, but if you'd still like to be put at ease and improve your relationship in front of camera you can consider booking yourself in for an engagement shoot.

An engagement shoot several weeks before the wedding not only provides wonderful images of you and your partner before you take each others hand in marriage, but should also improve your confidence and help you feel more relaxed in front of the lens - something you'll then benefit from greatly on the wedding day, especially when it comes to your bride and groom photo shoot following the ceremony.