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Photography Lessons in Cardiff 

Photography Lessons

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Looking to work on your photography skills in Cardiff...?

As an experienced photographer with over 20 years in the industry, I can help you improve your photography skills.

My private one-on-one photography lessons in Cardiff (or anywhere in South Wales) are perfect for beginners looking to gain a better understanding of the basics. I offer tailored lessons of any length to suit your exact needs.

During our lesson or bespoke photography workshop we will focus on the basics of photography - I will teach you the ins and outs of the exposure triangle, the benefits of choosing the right lens and accessories, improving your composition, working with natural light and so much more - all while we are actively out and about on location.


If requested, I can tailor the lesson to specifically improve your landscape photography, nature, fashion or people portraits, street, automotive, or any type of photography genre that you most enjoy.

The lesson can be carried out at one or several locations in Cardiff or across South Wales.

For example, we could attend key picturesque locations such as:

  • Cardiff Bay

  • Cardiff City Centre

  • Roath Park

  • Bute Park

  • Cosmeston Lakes

  • Castell Coch

  • Penarth Pier

  • ​​Penarth Marina

  • Penarth Town Centre

  • Parc Cefn Onn

  • Ogmore-by-Sea

  • Southerndown

  • Barry

  • Caerphilly Mountains

Cardiff Bay at sunset

During the lesson I will provide you with a better understanding of the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings, and teach you how to use them and take your photography to the next level.


You can book as many hours as you like - paying by the hour - and during that time we will be outside actively working on your knowledge and skills of photography.

Ultimately, we will have fun photographing in several locations across Cardiff or surrounding areas as I guide and teach you how to utilise the manual settings on your camera and put everything into practice.


Shawn Eastman, Cardiff based photographer photographing a scenic landscape image in Bali, Indonesia

Photography Lesson Prices:

I offer photography lessons in Cardiff and South Wales on an hour-by-hour basis so that you only pay for the time you want to learn. You'd be surprised at just how much I can teach a beginner photographer in as little as 1 to 5 hours.

Unsure as to how many hours you think would be worth your while? Get in touch and we can have a discussion.

1 Hour - £80.00

2 Hours - £150.00

3 Hours - £210.00

4 Hours - £260.00

5 Hours - £300.00

These lessons are priced as a private one-to-one lesson so that you have my undivided attention throughout.

I am happy to carry out photography lessons for small groups of 2 or 3 people, such as a small group of friends.

For a small group lesson please get in touch with your requirements so that I can provide you with a bespoke price.

Photography Lesson Prices

What Will You Learn?

During the lesson we can slowly go through all the basics while out and about actually shooting photography, spending time to make sure you fully understand the main settings you will need to master to gain full control of your photography.

We all learn at our own pace so the things covered within the lesson will be completely tailored to you and I will react based on how the lesson develops.

For beginners, the fundamentals we are most likely to cover within a few hours will include the following:

  • Getting to grips with your camera (or mine if preferred)

  • An overview of the Exposure Triangle analogy

  • Understanding how to utilise Aperture

  • Understanding how to utilise Shutter Speed

  • Understanding how to utilise ISO

  • What it means to shoot in different priority modes

  • How to focus (both manually and using auto focus)

  • Choosing the right lens for the job

  • Composition

  • Using natural light

Shawn Eastman taking a photograph at sunset in a field
What Will You Learn
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