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Shawn Eastman taking a photograph during sunset in a field

I am a photographer & visual storyteller with skills that allow me to capture moments, scenes, emotions, products & unique adventures of love


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Hey folks, I'm Shawn, a Cardiff wedding photographer with a creative photojournalistic approach to capturing those special moments during special days. Home for me is Cardiff; I was born and raised here. I believe home offers people a unique emotional blend of comfort and vulnerability, while also inspiring warm feelings and nostalgic memories - home is more than just a physical place; it's a mix of emotions and that sense of home can also be found in the people we share our lives with. I think it's pretty special and I love to capture it through photography. To be invited along to tell the unique adventure of love between a couple is an absolute honour. I'm given the opportunity to witness the start of that great adventure between two people - involved during the build-up of the wedding and capturing those precious moments that take place throughout the special day. With each couple, we're able to create something visually powerful, raw and authentic. Something they, along with their circle of family and friends, can cherish forever.

My style lends itself well to that homely vibe. My photojournalistic approach and many years of involvement with a wide range of different photographic projects allows me to take a touch of many styles to create something unique - wedding photography that is pure and romantic, candid and authentic, modern and emotional. I'm less for the frills and desire for perfection, more for capturing the natural essence of love between two people by telling the true story of the day. The real life stuff, the true situations, the things that make you the couple that you are.


With that said, I do have a background in fashion photography, so if a section of fashion-inspired shots either as a couple or alone dressed in your wedding attire takes your fancy, I'm more than happy to work with you to create something high-end and epic.


I take inspiration from the stunning landscapes, fresh countryside and rural environments that make up much of South Wales. I'm also content with the city-life having been raised in the Welsh capital city of Cardiff. I embrace, live and breathe the variety of lifestyles that are within mere miles of each other across South Wales. Within a short drive everything is on my doorstep - rolling country hills, charming traditional churches tucked inside cute villages, beaches, waterfalls, wide open spaces, and of course, the urban opportunities that are available within a built up multi-cultured city. A city that's also full of its own parks, marinas and castle, I should add. Unpredictable weather aside, we Cardiff wedding photographers sure do have it good, though even the howling wind and rain can make for some fantastically interesting photographic opportunities.


You won't be surprised to discover that in my opinion photography is one of the most important things to decide on during the wedding planning process - many leave it far too late, which restricts the number of truly skilled wedding photographers that still have your chosen date available. The reason I believe your wedding photography is so important is because when all is said and done, a couple is left to reminisce, and your wedding photographs will be one of the only lasting visual avenues that visually re-tells the tale of your wedding day in the palm of your hand, over and over again. Along with any wedding videography, of course. This is what leaves me so honoured each time a couple selects me as their wedding photographer, their visual storyteller and memory creator.

Are you on the search for a professional Cardiff wedding photographer with a relaxed approach but without losing that sharp eye for precious moments and details? If so, you've found yourself in the right place. It would be an honour to photograph you and your spouse-to-be, especially if it's at a location within Cardiff or surrounding areas of South Wales, but I'd never be one to turn down a magical adventure - be it domestic in the UK or worldwide.


Click the link below to learn more about my photography background, and feel free to take a browse through my blog to get a feel for my photographic style and to discover more about how I go about documenting the wedding day or capturing the love between two people in the days or weeks beforehand through a pre-wedding engagement shoot.

Last but not least, I am aware that I am one among many talented artists here in the Cardiff and South Wales wedding photography community, so I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for you having personally found value in my work.

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Featured Projects

The epic landscapes of Switzerland played backdrop throughout this project, with a Hemmels Mercedes-Benz 280SL posing as the star of the show. The shoot took place among the natural wonders that surround the outskirts of Geneva.


With snow-capped mountains blending in with lush green meadows, dainty Swiss villages and bundles of fresh air it was impossible to find enough time in the few days spent here to even scratch the surface on the number of picturesque locations being passed by while traveling along the meandering roads & dirt tracks. Switzerland's landscapes really do rank up there with the best.

Mercedes-Benz logo


Geneva, Switzerland

An electric blue Mercedes-Benz 280SL in Geneva, Switzerland, captured by photographer Shawn Eastman

This stunning iconic Mercedes-Benz 300SL was captured in various locations across Cardiff, South Wales. The shoot took in popular places and landmarks such as Cardiff Bay and the Pierhead building in Mermaid Quay, Penarth Marina, & various spots across Ogmore Vale.

Changeable weather between morning and afternoon allowed me to capture this incredible vehicle in both sunshine and rain. Elegant with a timeless beauty in the rays of the sun, menacing and mighty impressive when posed under rainfall.

Mercedes-Benz logo

Cardiff, Wales

Silver Mercedes-Benz at Penarth Marina with Cardiff Bay in background during sunset

If you've visited Iceland you'll understand why someone may describe it as a photographer's playground. From wide, stunning scenic shots to more intimate details, everything feels unworldly.


Personally, I consider Iceland one of the most interesting places on the planet - notably during the winter. Away from the small capital city of Reykjavík, you can truly feel as though you're stepping back in time, experiencing how the earth may have looked on a wider scale millennials ago had we humans not evolved to what we are today. My first published book, "Visuals of an Icelandic Winter", explores some incredible beauty on show in this photographer's playground.


Visuals of an Icelandic Winter

The northern lights in the skies of Iceland
Screenshot 2020-10-18 at 03.12.40.png


A snowy landscape image of Iceland captured at sunset by landscape photographer Shawn Eastman

Travel & Landscape


A snowy landscape image of Iceland captured at sunset by landscape photographer Shawn Eastman






A street scene in Guatape, Colombia, captured by travel photographer Shawn Eastman


A street scene in Guatape, Colombia, captured by travel photographer Shawn Eastman




Blue Mercedes-Benz 280SL Photographed by Shawn Eastman


Blue Mercedes-Benz 280SL Photographed by Shawn Eastman

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