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Huge congratulations! You're engaged! You (or your significant other!) nervously popped the question, the answer was "YES!" and now you're excited about spending your lives together and you're looking for an engagement photographer in Cardiff.


Prices from £200 for a two-hour shoot within Cardiff
*A 15% discount will be added to an engagement shoot if booked alongside a wedding package

An engagement photo shoot helps to achieve several things - it commemorates a life-changing milestone, provides you with photographs together in a natural setting that you can look back on together and to use while sharing the news with your loved ones, and also helps build your confidence in front of the camera so that you're better prepared for... ya know... any big day that may potentially be on the horizon!

My engagement photo sessions are entirely focused on the couple so that the images reflect a true story of who you are. I want to capture how you interact with each other and the emotions that you share. An engagement shoot isn't a big production - instead, it's just me, my camera and a few lenses. There doesn't have to be any polished posing, but I will give small prompts as we share ideas to help you feel comfortable and to have fun. My favourite engagement photographs are those which simply capture something pure between two people. Smiles, fun, and love.


Cardiff engagement photographer

Cardiff is a splendid city with so much to offer in terms of shooting locations. Parks and marinas, the vibrant urban city, even your local neighbourhood - not to mention a plethora of places throughout South Wales within a 30/40 minute or less drive away.  Gorgeous coastline and beaches, mountains and rural hotspots. We really are spoiled for choice.

Beyond the location and the ability to work their way around a camera, it also takes a photographer who you can feel comfortable with, as the best images are when you're relaxed and simply being your loved-up-coupley-self. 

Smiles, fun, and Love.

My Photographic Style

While browsing through other Cardiff photographer's you may have noticed a wide variety of different styles, from fine art to old-school posing to high-fashion inspiration.


As a photographer, I find it important to find and work towards a style that speaks to me.

In terms of engagement photography...

Natural, raw, love, happiness, relaxed, true...

These are the words that spring ideas into my head and are reflected within my style of photography.


Perfect engagement photos?

Your Cardiff engagement photos are special and unique to you - they will be displayed in your home, you will enjoy looking back at them in decades to come, perhaps your planned future children will cherish them, you may choose to use them for wedding invitations or on your wedding website.

To capture the perfect engagement photos the recipe is a lot simpler than you may imagine - All that's required is a location that's special to you, a little time to relax and get comfortable, any items that may speak volumes about you or your relationship, and finally, your love for one another.

Image by Nick Fewings

Already live in Cardiff?

Not a problem! If you've already taken plenty of photos together in Cardiff Bay or around Roath Park, there are plenty of other Cardiff and South Wales based locations to call upon... Caerphilly mountain, Cosmeston Lakes, Bute Park, Ogmore-by-sea, the city centre or even around your own neighbourhood...!


The Location

I've touched on the abundance of great locations on offer in Cardiff and the surrounding areas of South Wales to photograph an engagement shoot across, so the key is to choose one that best matches your personality as a couple and the sort of vibe you'd like to capture. It could be something a little hipster, perhaps dramatic on a windy cliff edge, a chilled out picnic story... the creative options are endless.

If you'd like an extended session, you could throw in one or two outfit changes and make use of two or three different locations in South Wales - a great way to capture a series of different scenarios and shoots while you're both looking fantastic.

Hair Styling & Make Up

Embarking on an engagement photo shoot provides the perfect opportunity to really pamper yourself! After all, you're probably going to want to share these images with your friends and family and look back at them with fondness in years to come, so why not treat yourself to some glam in the process?


If you're most comfortable doing your own hair and make up, that's fab - if not, I'll be happy to source an experienced professional hair stylist and/or make up artist to assist before and even during the shoot.

A young female trying on clothes with the assistance of a fashion stylist in Cardiff, South Wales

Your Wardrobe

The familiar age-old question of "what should I wear?" is something you will have to give plenty of consideration. This is your engagement shoot, so the clothes you wear should reflect who you and your partner are as individuals while ensuring that you're both happy with how the outfits work together.


Whatever you choose, make sure you both feel comfortable and yourself as this will give us the natural confidence we need to capture the best engagement photographs.

But don't forget, this is British weather we're dealing with - so always have a back up plan, even if it's taking one or two large brollies!


If you feel ready to book my photography skills for your Cardiff engagement photography shoot, or if you have any questions whatsoever, just pop me a message through my contact form below or feel free to email me directly.

Together, we can discuss suitable locations within South Wales, an ideal date and the best sort of times, as well as go through any other information that's relevant to your shoot.


I am also more than happy to take on board any ideas you may have to throw at me, no matter how standard, creative or crazy!

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