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Welcome to The Photography Blog

Shawn Eastman, professional photographer from Cardiff, sat in a chair wearing a cap

First things first, welcome to what I'm going to dub as the photography blog.

I figured it will be a good idea to start killing my free time with something enjoyable and productive. Here, i can enjoy covering aspects of my photography from time to time - which I should hopefully enjoy - whilst also maintaining a degree of typing capabilities - which will hopefully prove to be productive for me!

I'll be looking to go through previous and upcoming travels, dissecting photographs I've taken and explaining the how-I-did-it, why-I-did-it and where-I-did-it, talking about techniques and settings and photography gear and you know... all of that good stuff as well as my opinions on a few other bits and pieces along the way.

It's a work in progress for me as I know this sort of blog thing takes time to improve, master, gain engagement and whatnot so I'm just going to start by inviting you to take a gander at who i am and the work i produce. Hopefully if you like what I do you join the wagon and enjoy the journey with me and if you're relatively new to photography then I'd like to think you may learn a thing or two in a fun way as well.

As for who the hell I am, well... I'm Shawn Eastman, a photographer from Cardiff in the United Kingdom. With a background in photography that evolved from fashion 13 years ago right through to the travel, landscape and street photography I love to shoot today. I've covered weddings, events, animals, portraits, real estate... you name it, the chances are I've had a dabble with it.

You can get yourself over to my Facebook page, website, or brand new Instagram page... a whole host of those platforms will serve your intrigue. I'll be starting off with a look at my camera gear and then diving into past trips. First off, to a European city, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I have a whole history of travel baggage to dip into before things become more current simply because I've left it 31 years to begin this blogging journey... with 30 countries visited to date. But fear not, I'll keep it strictly to the must-reads only.

Stay tuned!

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