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Looking to capture beautiful portraiture headshots in or near Cardiff...?

I offer something different to the typical portraiture headshot.


Most portraiture headshots, whether for personal use or professional, tend to be in a standard studio with controlled lighting & a plain background in one solid colour, such as jet black or bright white.

I like to operate away from a studio setting.


Times have changed, so today even corporate headshots can have some personality sprinkled over them. This can be achieved with an on-location photoshoot that has an emphasis on capturing stunning portraiture headshots that don't distract from the main star of the show - you.


I love to photograph people with a shallow depth of field to produce that creamy blurry background that allows the human subject to become the main focus of the image while everything else melts away. A local park, a city location, or even somewhere within your place of work is perfect for this sort of shot.

Whether you're in business, are a musician, actor or actress, wanting to add some updated headshots to a modelling portfolio - whatever your need is for portraiture headshots, we can capture something stunning & unique.



Portraiture & Headshot Packages in Cardiff, South Wales

When it comes to pricing for portraiture & headshot photography I am super versatile.

I appreciate that some people want one or two simple headshots, while others are looking for a series of shots or something completely different.

If the portraiture shoot is based within 15 miles of Cardiff, prices can start from £75 for 3 fully edited headshot images. For a larger series of fully edited images (10-15), prices for an approx. one hour portraiture or headshot photoshoot would start from £150. Headshots are also typically included as part of an on-location portraiture/fashion photoshoot package with a much wider range of shots, which start at £230 for approx. one hour.

I am more than happy to travel beyond South Wales for headshot & portraiture photography, just be aware that additional travel costs will be incurred.

With all of that said, I am extremely versatile & very willing to create a bespoke package to ensure you only receive exactly what you require at a cost that's suitable for us both, so do get in touch to discuss.